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CNR N’CO, our open and participatory approach to innovation.

The CNR N’CO approach is a conviction: it’s by combining our talents that we can get things moving. A voluntary and strategic approach to developing commercial offers aimed at developing new ideas and solutions to overcome the challenges of energy transition.

Our manifesto

The energy, environmental and digital transitions that concern us allrequire adopting a necessarily agile stance.

A historic actor and founder of renewable energies, CNR has always had the heartfelt desire to consider the future in joint construction with all the actors of the territories and in the mobilisation of collective intelligence.

Today, CNR is launching CNR N’CO, a genuine open and participatory approach to innovation. With the help of partners specialised in numerous energy sectors (economic models and new uses, production, distribution, storage, supply, etc.), CNR’s ambition is to offer its clients original services that meet their current and future needs, so as to participate as from now in creating a more virtuous energy world for the future.

Acting together, at the heart of our model

A precursor of renewable energies, we know how to build jointly, with both our partners and our clients to achieve an increasingly targeted approach.

Alone, we’re never completely right! We’re persuaded that we can create value by fostering dialogue between different convictions and through a wealth of visions.