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Whistle blowing

CNR has subscribed to whistle blowing system, ethicorp.org, which collects alerts made by employees and external and occasional collaborators (in conformity with the Sapin II Law), aimed at perpetuating the company’s culture of integrity and transparency. This platform is managed wholly by lawyers competent in ethics.

Immediately you wish to declare facts matching the conditions mentioned below, you will be qualified as a “whistle blower”. 

A whistle blower is a physical person, acting disinterestedly and in good faith, who wishes to reveal or signal:

  • a crime or violation;
  • a serious violation of a law or regulation;
  • a serious or blatant violation of an international commitment made by France;
  • a serious threat to, or prejudice for, the general interest.

It must not be a simple rumour: the law stipulates that the whistle blower must have witnessed the facts personally! 

CAUTION:  whistle blowers will not be protected if they declare facts in bad faith and/or of which they were not direct witnesses, in which case they risk civil and penal sanctions (libel, slander). 

For all denunciations, you are invited to go to the platform ethicorp.org from a private computer and enter the corporate code @RIVER95K 

The procedure implemented to gather facts via this platform ensures the whistle blower that their identity will be kept strictly confidential and that they will remain anonymous It also ensures the strict confidentiality of the persons targeted by the alert and the information regarding it, collected by the addressees of the alert in question. 

Only ethicorp.org may be informed of the whistle blower’s identity, which will not be sent or revealed to CNR. The identity of the persons in question will be sent to CNR only in the case where the alert is true. 

Besides the protection afforded to their confidentiality, the whistle blower benefits from protection against any measure of reprisal by CNR.