Benefit from customised assistance for projects to develop renewable energies at the heart of the territories.

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    Local authorities, actors devoted to the territories, rely on consultation and joint construction for projects to develop virtuous renewable energy installations.


    ENER N’CO’S offers assistance to develop wind farms and solar power plants throughout their lifetimes: from the design phase to their dismantling.

    A project built jointly with local actors.


    A 100% customised approach to integrate the challenges of each territory.


    The integration of local authorities and the community thanks to new types of consultation, governance, funding, and communicating information.


    Contribution to seeking the general interest with ethics in mind, by defining a framework for redistribution.


    Assistance through time, from the start of designs to the end of installation lifetimes.


    A policy of sponsorship and aid to support local life.


    The creation of associated offers to give meaning to projects and impact on local life: making available electricity charging points, bicycles, the development of tools to favour biodiversity (insect hotels, hives, aromatic spirals, etc.), inaugurations and events, virtual visits, pedagogical circuits, etc.


    The possible development of specific offers for the population of the territory: reduction vouchers, offers of an energy supply at an optimised price.


    The steps of an ENER N’CO project

    • PROSPECTION, STUDY AND DESIGN Mapping, calls for projects, qualifications of land and projects for the territory, obtaining authorisations and consultations with stakeholders (elected representatives, technical services, associations, inhabitants, etc.), securing energy prices, funding studies (joint shareholding with semi-public bodies, with groups of municipalities and municipalities, and crowd funding).

    • CONSTRUCTION OF INSTALLATIONS Geotechnical tests, selection and coordination of local enterprises, roads and earthworks, internal networks, foundations, assembly of structures, connections, commissioning.

    • OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE Management and optimisation of production using exclusive forecasting tools, optimisation of availability, automation and reliable detection of underperformance, improved outputs, selling on European wholesale markets.

    • DISMANTLEMENT OR RENEWAL Assistance with the end of installation life, definition of a repowering policy – equipment renewal.

    A reference aggregator in France since 2012, CNR optimises the management and sale of the energy produced. The aggregated energy is analysed by a team of meteorologists and optimised on the market in our energy optimisation centre (COCPIT).

    CNR N


    A partner with the territories

    A joint stock company in the general interest with a mostly publicly owned share capital, CNR has been a partner with the territories for more than 85 years.

    An integrated actor

    Present throughout the value chain, CNR is both a developer and a producer.

    Tomorrow’s energy

    In France, from now to 2030 renewable energies will make up at least 32% of final gross energy consumption.


    Developing renewable energy projects entails both projects for the territory and projects to mobilise its inhabitants and stakeholders. In 2019, more than 11,000 inhabitants were active throughout France in renewable development projects. Knowing how to listen, assist, associate, and explain is the key for successful projects in a winner-winner perspective.


    Our energy strategy for tomorrow is built at the heart of the territories, with in particular the Climate Energy and Territory Plans, to ensure the evolution of our energy mix. CNR takes a decentralised approach, taking into account as closely as possible the specificities of each local project to ensure it will develop with new installations on a lasting basis.