Why not set up in the Rhone Valley, at the heart of a multimodal site located on a strategic communication corridor?

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    Logisticians, enterprises, and others, opt for an installation at the heart of the ports of the Rhone Valley to take full advantage of multimodal thinking.


    More than 60 hectares in CNR’s industrial and port sites along the entire Rhone Valley await your decision to install your project. Making the choice of installing your premises on one of our sites, provides the opportunity of deploying a strategy of optimised multimodal logistics thanks to the availability of infrastructures and services adapted to your needs.

    Lots providing several solutions for branch lines as a function of your logistics needs: river transport, road transport, rail transport.
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    A range of options available to manage your access to the river (construction of your own wharf, the services of a public port or CNR wharf) and rail transport (branch line to your lot, public port services).

    Solutions to secure your installation through time: lot optimisation, development of new traffic, site coordination, contacts with other enterprises and the territorial authorities, and orientation depending on your specific needs.

    Advice on setting up your multimodal logistics strategy with the Medlink Ports network (analysis of your needs, opportunity study, assistance with actors in river transport).

    Customised assistance to concretise your installation: global analysis of your installation project (advice from architects, link with energy solutions offered by CNR and contacts with actors from the territorial authorities (regulations, finance, etc.).

    An efficient mesh for developing river transport between your sites.

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    Installation opportunities

    60 hectares available to develop your activities.

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    Branching solutions according to your needs (water, rail, road). 220 enterprises have already installed their premises on our 18 industrial and port sites.

    Customised service

    Customised assistance for your project.


    We assist our clients throughout their project lifecycle. We build with them and determine together the most appropriate solutions for their installation and logistic needs. Each project is validated in consultation with the territorial authorities and meets criteria such as environmental integration, energy approach, job creation and added economic and social value.


    Setting up in the Rhone Valley is also an opportunity to develop river transport. Ecological and economic, this mode of transport consumes less energy than road transport and relieves congestion. It develops new economic activities and creates jobs.