Are you a local authority?

Whether it’s for your electricity supply, your mobility or your territorial development projects, we offer you sustainable solutions.

Do you want to revise your electricity supply strategy?

With ALP N’CO, benefit from 100% renewable hydroelectricity produced in the Rhone Valley by CNR.

  • KNOW
    With us you know the origin of your electricity and can choose your electricity supplier ENALP in order to consume locally and responsibly.
    We propose different contracts adapted to your needs and expectations.
    With ALP N’CO, we offer you the opportunity to participate in the promotion and development of renewable energies by choosing the ENR+ formula.

Do you want to develop a fleet of electric vehicles and a charging terminal infrastructure?

With MOB N’CO, choose sustainable mobility solutions.

    With our partners, we study your project upstream to determine the best options. 
    We supply 100% renewable electricity and manage the charging of your electric vehicles so that you benefit from optimised prices. Your flexibility creates value.
    We provide advice on the installation of new energies such as hydrogen.

Do you want to stimulate projects to develop wind farms and solar power plants?

With ENER N’CO, benefit from assistance from A to Z.

    From the moment your project starts, we involve local actors and the community in view to favouring consultation.
    We analyse the specific characteristics of your territory and build, install, and operate customised solutions.
    We propose a turnkey offer of design, construction, operation and dismantlement.